Boston Core Training With Patricia Coughlin Starting in 2018

Patricia Coughlin, one of the stars of the ISTDP world, will be offering a three-year Core Training in Boston starting in January 2018. Enrollment is limited but at this moment there are still several open spots. If you are interested, please contact her through her website,, or email her at From her description … Continue reading Boston Core Training With Patricia Coughlin Starting in 2018

Q & A from ISTDP-UK

As part of their lead-up to my presentations in July 2016, ISTDP-UK asked me a series of questions. I enjoyed reflecting on and answering them, and I thought the answers might be of broader interest, so I’m posting them here. I understand that you were the Assistant Director of the Psychotherapy Research Programme at Harvard’s Beth … Continue reading Q & A from ISTDP-UK

ISTDP Training in Boston!

I will be offering ISTDP training in Boston starting in the fall of 2016. The details are not fixed, but the current plan is to meet once a month for half of a weekend day (4 hours). This will allow time for didactics, experiential exercises such as role-plays, consultation/supervision, and lots of video (mine and … Continue reading ISTDP Training in Boston!